Zoeva makeup brushes dupes for MAC and Sigma

19 January 2013

Essential makeup brushes

Good makeup tools, like brushes are essential for a gorgeous result and easy application of cosmetics. Most of us are familiair with the quality brushes of MAC or Sigma. Unfortunately they are quite expensive. For those who don't want to spend so much money on a good brush (set), there is ZOEVA COLOR - LOVE - MAKEUP, a German cosmetic brand offering great value products.

I particularly love the makeup brushes, since they are soft, have minimal shedding, last for years, look elegant and luxurious with handy design, are not animal tested, handcrafted (in PRC = People's Republic of China) and very affordable. The prices vary from €4.50 for a brow comb, to €16.20 for the luxe face definer, all very reasonable. ZOEVA also sells brush sets starting at €16.00 for the Eye Definition Set. For a 40 piece Variety Brush Set you pay €65.00! Have a look - Brush sets from ZOEVA.



The bristles are made of taklon, a synthetic fiber that is as soft as real hair.

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush vs ZOEVA 234 Smokey Shader Brush

Taklon brushes are more hygienic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Cleaning may not necessarily remove these particles. Because of this, regular cleaning with disinfectants is required to prevent skin irritation. Taklon lacks these surface irregularities, making it easier to clean properly.This decreases irritation. Because Taklon is synthetic, animal cruelty is not an issue.

Sigma E55 dupe Zoeva 234, MAC 239

Taklon brushes are very suitable for sensitive skin. The ferrule is made of aluminium (highest quality is nickel, but aluminium is the best alternative) and the handle painted wood.

Zoeva 227 soft definer brush vs MAC 217 blending brush vs Sigma E25 blending brushZOEVA ships within Europe, with exception of Switzerland. Outside Europe you need to contact customer support and provide them with your zipcode and article numbers of the products you want to order. They ship fast and the packaging and service is excellent. I've paid not even €5.00 shipping costs (box with 10 brushes).


The 111 Face Artist is the perfect makeup tool for detailed application and blending of foundation and concealer under the eye area and around the nose. Price: €8.80. 

ZOEVA 111 Flawless Cover Brush

It fits the contours of the face and offers easy and extremely precise contouring and highlighting, for a flawless finish.

With its pointed shape, this handcrafted makeup brush is a multifunctional tool. It adapts to the contours of the face perfectly and is particularly suitable for the area beneath the eyes and the nasolabial folds.

Synthetic taklon bristles enable the blending, contouring and lightening of compact, liquid and care products. For a precise and flawless finish.

Zoeva 115 Stippling Kabuki Brush

The 115 Stippling Kabuki is a duo fibre kabuki brush. Price €11.50. Its round head has been layered and individually handcrafted with super fine sythetic taklon bristles.

The round shape and the super soft vegan duo fibre bristles turn this brush into the perfect tool for sheer blending, buffing and highlighting with powder and cream products.

Glamorize your makeup with an airbrushed finish using powder, bronzer or mineral makeup. With the 115 Stippling Kabuki you can create a softly layered makeup finish for a flawless complexion.

The handy shape of this powder brush allows super easy and soft application.

Zoeva 118 Flat Kabuki Brush

The 118 Flat Kabuki is a dense, handcrafted powder brush with a flat head. It is designed for quick and precise application and blending of mineral powder and mineral makeup. Price: €11.50.

Bound tightly from vegan super soft taklon bristles this makeup brush has a compressing effect on your skin.

Use this flat-head brush to dust and set your powder and mineral makeup. Dense and compact, this vegan brush allows professional application and a gentle finish.

The handy shape of this powder brush allows super easy and soft application.

This handcrafted 120  Kabuki powder brush is a must for every fashion-conscious woman and indispensable for the application of mineral foundation and loose powder as well as pressed bronzer and body powder, covering large areas with a flawless finish.

Zoeva 120 Kabuki BrushPrice: €11.50. It feels indescribably soft and luxurious to the skin. Comprised of vegan taklon bristles, it is both dense and compact and offers high coverage. A brush that caresses the skin for an intensive makeup result.

Buy the Leading Instant Eye LiftThe handy shape of this powder brush allows super easy and soft application.

Kabuki brushes originated in Japan and were used in Geisha and Kabuki theaters for beauty rituals. Kabuki brushes were especially popular with actresses who needed to wear a lot of makeup, which in turn had to appear immaculate.

Zoeva 125 Stippling Brush

This ZOEVA 125 Stippling brush is perfect for applying silky, thin layers of makeup. Price: €9.50. The synthetic duo fibre (duo fiber is usually a mix of natural and synthetic fibers) bristles will create high professional makeup results in medium to full coverage.

An essential brush for blending various textures and material mixtures to create a flawless, airbrushed finish. It can be used for liquid and compact foundation and mineral makeup. Its soft, vegan bristles create a flawless complexion.

For a super natural finish, apply your makeup gently by dabbing the brush onto your skin and then softly blend the edges in a circular motion.

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush

The 225 Eye Blender brush blends together eye shadow colors perfectly and eliminates conspicuous lines. Price: €5.80.

Due to its soft natural bristles this handcrafted makeup tool is great for smoky eyes and mysterious nuances. Apply your favorite eyeshadow and then blend the edges for perfectly shaded results and a contoured crease.

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush

SIGMA E40 Tapered Blending BrushThe 228 Crease Brush is  an  uniquely soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush and fits the contours of the eyelid crease and takes the edge off color. Price: €5.20. With this tapered shaped brush you can blend eyeshadow and shade transitions. A darker shade in the eyelid crease creates depth and highlights the eyes. 

Zoeva 228 Crease Brush and MAC 224 Tapered Blending BrushThe oval shape and the marvelously soft natural bristles turn this handcrafted crease brush into an easy and conveniently applicable makeup tool that is also suitable for very small eyes. This brush can be compared  with Sigma E40 and MAC 224 (one of my favorites).

Are Zoeva brushes dupes for MAC and Sigma:

  • Zoeva 234 Smokey Shader Brush is very similar to MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush & Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush.
  • Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush is very similar to MAC 217 Blending Brush & Sigma E25 Blending Brush.
  • Zoeva 228 Crease Brush is very similar to MAC 224 Blending Brush & Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush.
  • Zoeva 122 Petit Stippling Brush is close to MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush.


Zoeva 122 Petit Stippling Brush vs MAC 130 Duo Fibre Brush

My opinion is that some ZOEVA brushes are good dupes for MAC or Sigma, are almost identical and one of the best cheaper alternatives. The duo fibre brushes from ZOEVA are not really duo fibre, the ones from MAC are. If you want to check it out GO TO ZOEVA SHOP (GERMANY).


What is your favorite brush?


Disclaimer: The products mentioned are purchased, tested and paid for by us. We are not affiliated with ZOEVA and do not accept money for reviews.


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