Make under eye bags vanish - mature skin

7 January 2013

Bags under the eyes can have a major impact on how you look. Products that claim to reduce puffiness or make under eye bags disappear, dehydrate the skin and often make you look older, not better. Especially mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles will look significantly worse. With some contouring and highlighting you can conceal your minor to severe under eye bags.

How to make your under eye bags and puffiness vanish with makeup

1. Use moisturizer at all times before applying make-up.

2. For people with mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles, it is preferred not to use powder products. Creamy and liquid products are more suitable. Another "rule" is to use cream on cream and powder on powder.

3. Apply some highlighter to the inner corner of the eye, also called tear dot and blend it down it little with your fingers. You can also use a foundation or concealer brush.

3. Don't try to cover up, or conceal the bag itself! When you apply a light color concealer onto the bag, it will actually highlight the bag. Only apply concealer in a lighter color (1 shade) than your actual skin tone on the shadow the bag creates, under the actual bag itself (see illustration). Use a small / fine angled brush to apply the product and avoid going to high up onto the puffiness. Build the product up very gradually and don't try to cover it at once.

It will take some practice and hope these pointers are helping you to look your best. Leave your tips and comments below.

Anne-Marie van Geloven


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