More than 10 tips for an eye lift without surgery

29 July 2012

Sooner or later we all deal with aging skin. Due to loss of collagen and elastin, the skin loses volume and elasticity. The consequence is that the eyelids to sag, also known as ptosis. Skin aging is the most common cause of droopy eyelids. Also hereditary factors can make you suffer from hanging eyelids at a younger age more commonly referred to as hooded eyes. The result is that when the upper eyelid drop they sometimes rest on the eyelashes, making you appear older, tired or angry.

10 + tips for an eye lift without surgery:

1. Eye makeup: 
by choosing the right colors, you can freshen up your eyes and make them look bigger. Light colors brighten up the eyes, while the use of dark colors create depth and you can create the suggestion of a nice crease in the upper eyelid. Apply some highlight to your upper eyelid and under your eyes. Try using light pink under the eyes because it reflects light and brightens up your eyes. There are many make-up tutorials available on YouTube for droopy and hooded eyes. Try and see what works best for you.

2.  Shape your eyebrows: by just plucking the eyebrows in a correct shape you can make your eyes look bigger. Read more about the perfect eyebrow.

NEW Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift: Lily is a thin translucent strip when placed on your upper eyelid gives an immediate lift and creates a gorgeous and natural looking crease. The result can not be matched by make-up only and is similar to a real surgical eye lift. The costs are only € 29.95 for one month daily use, but you can also decide to only use it on special occasions. More detailed information can be found on this website and you can order online. 

4. ice eye mask: the cooling effect decreases swelling and constricts the blood vessels.

5. cucumber:  is often recommended for healthy and smooth skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Cucumber keeps the skin soft. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid prevent water retention and that may explain why cucumber when applied locally it decreases swelling.

6. green tea:  The ECGC (polyphenols) in green tea has anti-inflammatory effect and reduces skin damage from sunlight (preventive). It has been proven that (high concentration) of oral or topical green tea increases elastin. Theoretically increased elastin improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin. Unfortunately, these positive qualities only applies with high concentrations and the effect of ECGC is reduced when it comes in contact with oxygen (air) and water.

7. chamomile tea: is calming and soothing tired eyes.

8. sleep: not enough sleep causes fatigue and this affects also your eyes. Make sure to get enough sleep 7 to 8 hours every day.

9. muscle exercises for the eyes and eyelids: read eye lifting exercises

10. take care of the skin around your eyes: although creams can not lift the upper eyelids, it is important to cleanse, nurture and moisten the skin around the eyes. Read more about how to apply skincare to eyes, face and neck.

11. don't wear contact lenses too long: the use of hard and soft contact lenses (for a long periode of time) can lead to drooping eyelids. Usually this drooping is only temporary. It is recommended not to wear your lenses longer than 10-12 hours per day - or the maximum time specified.

12. apply / remove makeup:  the application and removal of make-up, like improper use of eyeliner can stretch and damage the skin of the eyelids. The skin of the eyelids is delicate and should be handled with caution. Read more about wrinkle free eyeliner application.

13. injectables (botulinum toxin and fillers): the eyebrow and upper eyelid can be slightly lifted when botulinum toxin is properly injected. With fillers the injector can create a thin "layer" over the hollow dark circles under your eyes and add some volume to the skin.

14. drink plenty of water, use moderate salt: salt retains moisture and increases the risk of swelling. Drinking enough water is important for proper disposal of "waste" products and to moisten the skin.

15. pillow: a good pillow ensures a good blood flow throughout the night. There are special pillowcases (for example the satin sleeper) so you wake up "less wrinkled".

16. hemorrhoid cream: this is said that models use it hemorrhoid creams to reduce the swelling under the eyes (bags). Hemorrhoid ointment will indeed decrease swelling, but is not designed for use around the eyes. So be careful.

17. careful with sunlight:  UVA and UVB changing the DNA of the cells and the structure of the skin, causing premature aging - also affecting the skin of your eyelids. In addition, you have an increased risk of skin cancer when tanning (in sunlight and tanning salon). Protect your skin at all times and use SPF of 15 or morePersonally I'm huge fan of Daylong products - since they scientifically have proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer and work long.

18. stop smoking: Smoking ages the skin - also of the eyelids and may cause serious health problems: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. Diabetes can cause ptosis (drooping eyelids).

Do you have an additional suggestion or tip to prevent or treat drooping eyelids? Post a comment!

Anne-Marie van Geloven


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